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Managed Services

Key services offered include data center management, network management, mobility management, infrastructure management, backup and recovery management, communication management, and security management.

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Our team focuses on advising organizations on how best to use information technology in achieving their business objectives.

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Monitoring Services

These tools monitor system devices, traffic, and applications, and sound the alarm in the event of malfunctions and disruptions. There are lots of monitoring systems on the market, from freeware to professional software

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Innovate your world!

Our sales team use technical and product knowledge to advise and guide customers in purchases and to support them in after-sales care, finding the right technological hardware and software products to suit their business needs.

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What We Do


The foundation of all work communication for many of us. Email is of utmost importance. We must keep accounts secure, store email data as needed, make sure the software is working smoothly, add or restrict email access.

IT Helpdesk

Most people can type, save files, and communicate via email on their own. Online or “cloud” software is easier than ever to use. However software freezes; file servers need regular maintenance; hacker threats are only increasing. This is where our help desk comes in. You email or call our IT support team with technology issues, and they come to the rescue.

Firewall Services

Firewalls are a common, integral part of any cybersecurity plan.Some firewalls are hybrid models. for instance, which allow for additional control and network monitoring options outside of the normal rulesets. Others may provide a single firewall solution for all internal/remote devices. The needs differ based on the requirements of each individual company.

Data Security

Data security is important for all offices. One threat to watch out for is ransomware. Professional hackers target offices hoping to hold your data ransom in exchange for cash.

Cloud Services

The advantages of using comprehensive cloud services include lower costs, high speed, and top security standards. As a practical bonus in the age of flexible work hours and spaces, the Cloud Office makes it easy to log in to your work computer on any device.

Data backups

An essential component to any IT service is data backups. Tested, working backup copies of all your data. Backups are what we turn to when disaster strikes. Those situations include natural disasters, acts of war, provider outages, hackers, viruses, failed hardware, and even good old lost laptops. We hope to never have to use client data backups. But we know they are there if we ever do.


With the evolving threat malware presents in the modern world, any company relying on IT must have some form of anti-virus installed or service used.


Telecommute can evaluate your company's IT systems to help meet your business objectives. Our primary duties include analysing and diagnosing your company's IT infrastructure, understanding your business needs, and designing and implementing a technology solution.

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